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Merlin S4 E10 "A Herald of The New Age" GOODIE-BAG: Synopsis, Trailer, Clip, episode stills, teasers

Merlin on BBC One Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 @ 8.00-8.45pm

The Camelot Knights stumble across an eerie shrine deep in the forest, its chilling atmosphere betraying a dark history best left undisturbed, as the magical drama continues.
animated gif by brightporclain

image above from CultFix

image above from CultFix

Merlin Series 4 Episode 10 "A Herald of The New Age" Teasers!

by CultFix <--click link to see them all!!!  SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING for the rest of CultFix spoilers!

4. Arthur takes out his anger on Merlin again, then Elyan takes it one step too far
5. “Would you like me make up the bed, sire, or will you be sleeping on the table again?”
8. “He’s clearly upset by his sister’s banishment”
11. “Ask Arthur, I’m always peeing!”
12. “Or we could just do it now. Whatever it is that we’re doing, in the dark, when it’s incredibly scary and dangerous”
13. Merlin loves Arthur’s new sensitive side

by SpoilerTV <--click the link to see them all!!! SPOILER WARNING!!! for the rest of SpoilerTV spoilers!

1. “It’s called thinking Merlin, you should try it sometime”
2. “Anyone who disturbs a resting place, risks releasing the spirit”
3. “I am the King of Camelot and do not have to answer to the likes of you”
4. “Why have you got stew in your hair?”
5. “When I want your medical opinion Gwaine, I will ask for it”
9. “You mean to tell me that you have been wondering around in the woods all night”

by CultBox <--click the link to see them all!!! 

5. ‘Elyan. I think he’s had enough.’
7. ‘It would be better if Arthur didn’t know this.’
8. ‘You must make him believe you.’
9. 'Well, my sister’s an evil old toad so I’d be eternally grateful.'
10. ‘I won’t fail you again.’

by DigitalSpy <--click the link to see them all!!!

2. "For once, I'm not lying to you."
5. Following her banishment, there's no sign of Gwen this week.
6. "Merlin will feel that in his arms tomorrow."
7. One character is haunted by a sin from the past.
9. Merlin wants a hug from the King.

by GeekSyndicate <--click the link to see them all!!!

3. Elyan takes a page from Supernatural‘s Winchester brothers to keep someone away.
4. “You alright down there Merlin?”
9. “What the hell are you doing creeping around in the woods?” “I’m following you; what the hell are YOU doing creeping around in the woods?”
10. Someone asks for a hug and gets chased for their trouble.

SPOILER WARNING!!! magazine scans S4 E10 "A Herald of the New Age"
by TV Week, What's on TV, & Radio Times (click to enlarge):
scans thanks to merlin-network

This episode "A Herald of the New Age" features Sir Elyan aka. Adetomiwa Edun <3
photo by yavannauk

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