Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cravat Trivia - Merlin's Neck Scarf

Bandanna Cravat

Cravat: A band or scarf worn around the neck. Merlin wears a red or blue Cravat around his neck. History of the Cravat: It originated in Croatia in the 17th century. King Louis XIV was the 1st Frenchman to wear it and after he did, the fashion trend quickly spread throughout Europe. The English were the 1st to wear colored Cravats. The Cravat is worn mainly for fashion; not to be confused with the Western Bandanna which, like the Mideastern Keffiyeh neck wrap, was (in the wild west) originally worn to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. Nowadays it is still used maintly for functional purposes: covering up bad hair; as a headband; or as a hankerchief. :)

How to wear a Cravat:

1. Fold a bandana or square scarf in half to form a triangle.
2. Place the long edge along your neck with the triangle pointing downward.
3. Wrap the ends around your neck then knot in front, under the triangle.

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