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Lady of the Lake, introduced as "Freya" in Merlin, played by Laura Donnelly

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"Laura Donnelly is an actress from Northern Ireland. She grew up in Belfast, where she studied drama at Rathmore Grammar School. She then moved to Glasgow to train at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. After graduating in 2004, she had a series of roles in the theatre in Ireland and Scotland before moving to London to pursue work in TV and film." -Laura Donnelly Facebook site

Historically:  "Nimue, sometimes called Nineve, Vivien,The Lady of the Lake or Niniane,is best known as the woman who seals Merlin in a cave or a tree. . . While most interpretations of Nimue's role in the stories of Camelot put her in a negative light, Caitlin and John Matthews see Nimue as a woman who studies under Merlin because he sees her as a gifted student. During the time she is with Merlin, they become lovers. . . The Matthews go to describe Nimue as a Priestess of Avalon."

Video stills from Merlin Season 3 Episode 13 The Coming of Arthur 2

In BBC's Merlin, Freya is discovered by Meriln as a Druid girl trapped in a bounty hunder's cage (2nd Season Episode 9 "The Lady of the Lake.")  She has a curse that condemns her to repeatedly turn into a man-killing beast, and this affliction torments her as she does not want to kill and can not stop herself.  At first, Merlin thinks it is the secret of her having magic that torments her and tries to cheer her up by showing her the good side of magic.  It is only later, when Arthur and his men attack her after her latest kill, that Merlin follows the beast to Freya's hiding place where she turns human again but is mortally wounded.  Just before she dies, Freya swears she will repay Merlin someday.  Merlin sends her funeral pire afloat across the lake where he had earlier deposited Excalibur for safe keeping.  In the last episode of season 3, he sees Freya in the waters of Avalon given to him by the Fisher King.  She tells him the time is now for her to repay him & her arm is seen shooting Excalibur up from beneath the waters of the lake in the iconic image of Excalibur we know so well.  Merlin uses it to save Camelot from the immortal army and when he is done, deposits it in a stone as in the 2nd iconic image of Excalibur.  I am sure we will see Freya again....

Freya & Merlin

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