Sunday, September 18, 2011

CultBox article & video: "Merlin: Katie McGrath [Lady Morgana] on the 'more filmic' Series 4"

'Merlin': Katie McGrath on the 'more filmic' Series 4
Friday 16 September, 2011 by Will Martin

Fantasy drama Merlin returns to BBC One for a fourth series next month. CultBox recently took a trip down to the set in Cardiff and chatted to a number of the cast, including Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana.
Watch Katie discuss how the scale of the show's production has evolved since the first series and working on the new giant green screen...


CultBox also has copy of the S4 trailer with an exclusive introduction by Nathaniel Parker for CultBox...

BBC One have released their first trailer for the new series of fantasy dramaMerlin, which begins next month.
Episode 1 airs on Saturday 1st October 2011 on BBC One: "Merlin faces his toughest challenge yet when Morgana's blinkered determination threatens not only Arthur's future, but also the very balance of the world."

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