Sunday, September 18, 2011


TV REVIEW: Merlin 4×01 – The Revival of the Witch (Part 1)

Posted by Sharlene Mousfar on September 18, 2011

photo credit: farfarawaysite

In the series opener, the first thing you really notice is what a difference filming on 35mm makes. The show seems more cinematic, helping up the emotional ante that viewers will feel. The audio was done in surround-sound for the screening; some things happen that will make you jump out of your skin and then possibly wonder how something so simple could evoke such a reaction! I’m hoping it translates just as well on TV. Additionally, the tone seems more mature. I hesitate to say “darker” because that’s been said every year but there’s an ominous undertone that peaked my interest. It may not be the same old Merlin we’re used to seeing.

Geek Syndicate says their review is "spoiler free," but I disagree so, to see the full article, follow 
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