Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digital Spy's 'Merlin': 10 teasers about the series four premiere

Digital Spy

'Merlin': Ten teasers about the series four premiere

Wednesday, September 28 2011, 4:24am EDT4
By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter
Sir Leon, Elyan, Merlin, Prince Arthur, Percival
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There's a bumper weekend in store for cult and sci-fi fans - Doctor Who might be coming to an end, but Merlin is back on the very same night! The fantasy drama returns this Saturday with 'The Darkest Hour' - the first installment of a thrilling two-part adventure.

A year after Morgana (Katie McGrath)'s betrayal, Uther (Anthony Head) is a broken man and Arthur (Bradley James) has stepped up as Camelot's ruler. But as dark forces threaten to overwhelm the kingdom, the prince faces his greatest challenge yet, while Merlin (Colin Morgan) finds himself powerless to intervene!

Merlin returns: The fourth series premiere in pictures

Check out Digital Spy's ten teasers for the return of Merlin below:

1. "It's not something you can chase or something you can kill."

2. With a new series comes a revamped title sequence - it's still in the style of the old one, but you'll notice a few additions.

3. "His heart is ****** and his spirit is ****."

4. There's some obligatory shirtless Arthur action - for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing.

5. "I'm sure a man of your talents can think of something."

6. The Knights of Camelot are not above a little mischief.

7. "He is your ******* and he is your ****."

8. Morgana suffers from some rather troubling visions...

9. "I always thought if things had've been different, we'd have been good friends."

10. Camelot comes under siege once again, but this time Merlin's magic may not be enough to save it.

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