Sunday, October 16, 2011

Merlin on Points of View w/ Katie McGrath

On this Sunday's Points of View, host Jeremy Vine presents some viewers' reactions to 'The Darkest Hour - Part 2.' Katie also gives her reaction to the comments and talks about Morgana and the new series. TheMerlin parts are in the video below; UK residents can watch the full 15-minute Points of View of episode on iPlayer. -Merlin-Network

Love how the host says Merlin writers are "Playing fast & loose with Arthurian Legend," of course they are, that's the tradition isn't it?  Just because Arthurian Legend is old, doesn't mean you can't play with it. The only reason Arthurian Legend exists is because the progenitors of the legend took artistic liberties & played with history...  Arthurian Legend is just what it says, 'Legend,' and not historical fact. (Arthurian Legend is composed of centuries of fictional works based on history & other legends from the past, sometimes from centuries earlier.)  King Arthur for example was a figure from 5th to early 6th century Medieval histories & romances; whereas the character Lancelot doesn't appear in any way until "The Knight of the Cart" written 1181 (at least 680 years later!) see wikipedia - King Arthur & wikipedia - Lancelot

Silly 'Points of View' peeps, the intro "in a land of Myth and a time of Magic" isn't why the writers of Merlin should have "carte blanche," it's because the real definition of Arthurian Legend should be: a story based on the historical figure of King Arthur that is composed through the course of centuries where new characters, events, locations & subplots are added to the original story which build upon the legend as a whole & become part of it through the course of history & time.  Why should that be it's definition? Because that's what it is! Tada! Long live Merlin!!!

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