Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BBC News - Science & Environment ... DRAGONS!?!?

Giant Fossil Shows Huge Birds Lived Among Dinosaurs
The fossilised jawbone is nearly twice the length of that of an ostrich, the largest bird found on Earth today

"An enormous jawbone found in Kazakhstan is further evidence that giant birds roamed - or flew above - the Earth at the same time as the dinosaurs.

Writing in Biology Letters, researchers say the new species, Samrukia nessovi, had a skull some 30cm long.
If flightless, the bird would have been 2-3m tall; if it flew, it may have had a wingspan of 4m.
The find is only the second bird of such a size in the Cretaceous geologic period, and the first in Asia.
The only other evidence of a bird of such a size during the period was a fossilised spinal bone found in France and reported in a 1995 paper in Nature."  - BBC News Science & Environment

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