Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't worry #Merlin fans! Merlin cast members currently filming in Cardiff/Wales are SAFE from Riots!

11 August 2011

"Police in Wales have made several arrests in connection with the misuse of social networking sites to incite crime following riots in England.

Two Cardiff men are in custody after being arrested for inciting criminality by misusing Facebook.

The arrests follow a series of minor incidents in Cardiff on Tuesday night, including small fires at empty buildings.
Wales has so far been spared the serious disorder seen in several of England's cities, where looting and violence has been occurring since Saturday."  BBC News - Wales

11 August 2011

"While cities across England have been hit by looting and violence, with riots in London and parts of Manchester – as well as disorder in other cities including Bristol and Liverpool – Cardiff has remained largely free of crime.
Police confirmed there were only a few small-scale incidents reported on Tuesday night. They included an attempted burglary on a sports shop and fires at two disused buildings.
Community workers and police officers have been out in force in recent nights in an effort to maintain a mood of calm in the capital."

Merlin Cast = Safe from Riots, but not from Ecoli outbreak!  5 Cases of Ecoli in SE Wales, "Adonis Kebab House" closed as a precaution:

 BBC Article

Wales Online Article:

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