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Empire Big Screen - Merlin Panel now complete, here are the reports:

(Photos from this event coming soon!)
"Although I didn’t attend any films today (that’s for tomorrow and Sunday) I did attend a Sherlock and Merlin panel. I thought out of the two the Merlin panel was hands down a winner,despite the twenty five minute wait between panels when we were told it would be ten. There was definitely and more bang for you buck for Merlin. Not only did you get a series 4 trailer and a clip from the opening episode there was also an interesting Q & A from the panel which compirsed of two of the show’s creators Julian Jones and Johnny Capps as well as Prince Arthur in the form of Bradley James. The Q & A was pretty informal and the panel were happy to take questions from the crowd. Soms of the tidbits  from the panel were

  • Series 4 will be a lot darker.
  • Uther will be shown as a broken man after the events of series 3, leaving a power vaccum in Camelot. Is this the series we see Arthur finally take the throne…who knows?
  • Bradley promised that we will see more of  Arthur’s knights as the series elves more into their characters.
  • Originally Emila Fox who plays Morgause was only supposed to be in the show for one episode but she was so good and worked so well with Morgana that they kept her in the show.
  • Apparently Bradley’s first calling was not to be an actor but rather a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
  • One of Bradley’s favourite characters was Alvarr and thought that no other threat in the show matched the threat he potentially posed. Bradley hoped that Julian and Johnny could find a way to bring him back."
    GS Reporter: Nuge

Course of events at the Merlin panel 
+ highlight orange part to see SPOILERS:
Bradley James (Prince Arthur), Johnny Capps (Producer), & Julian Jones (Screenwriter) were at the Merlin panel. Johnny Capps was acidentally introduced as Johnny "Crapps". The official trailer for Season 4 of Merlin was shown, along with a never before seen clip of Episode 1 Season 4. Morgana is shown pulling an old wagon, whose contents are covered. Her face is covered by a hood. Knights of Camelot approach and inquire where she is headed. She says the Sea of Meredor. She turns and Leon says “The Lady Morgana!” to which she holds out her hand and leon goes flying backwards. She continues to do this for the remaining knights. When she’s confident they are incapacitated, she pulls down the covers of the wagon to reveal Morgause, and asks if Morgause is okay. Morgause says yes, but they have to hurry. (spoiler info by Yavannauk via Ladyaurora via fyeahcolinmorgan) Another tweet described the S4 E1 clip as follows: the clip was bascially morgana in a quarry using magic to subdue arthur's knights. (@Camelotcast via Twitter) Apparently Bradley James who plays Prince Arthur in Merlin had pulled a microphone out of a stone and ended up giving it to a lucky member of the audience. He sat in a chair just in front of audience members to watch the trailer, then leaped athletically back up onto stage.  After the trailer was shown, it seems people were slow to ask questions.  The crowd was purportedly not made up of Merlin fans for the most part; many twitter posts during the event confessed they had never seen the show before, but that Bradley James was very handsome and the trailer was very exciting.  Later there were several questions concerning Camelot. Bradley talked about his on and off screen relationships with Colin Morgan and Anthony Head. In Season 4, Uther is a broken man. Prince Arthur has the emotional dilemma of either taking charge or waiting for his father to recover. Season 4 is to be darker and we will see the return of Excalibur and Old Merlin. The producer or screenwriter revealed that there is a specific mythological endpoint they have always been working towards for the end of Season 5. (I think they said this at SDCC 2011 too).

Here is a Synopsis of what they talked about by Yavannauk
"The guy who was leading the panel started out by asking Bradley where he got the [courage] to take on a role like King Arthur and if it was the kind of role he’d always dreamt of playing. Bradley said when he was a kid he actually wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Later in the Q&A he was asked which one he’d wanted to be and replied that it started out as Michelangelo, but became Raphael as he got older. Bradley also talked about getting into the mindset for something like a fight or battle scene and then having to cut in the middle of it. He said he’d get back into the right frame of mind by screaming at the person in front of him and swinging his sword around. He then deadpanned, 'It’s a very friendly set.'

They talked about filming in France and Bradley said it’s flattering people come to watch, but also distracting. He said he liked the different culture over there and that it was like having a working holiday three times a year. Julian added that the castle was like another character. Johnny commented on the logistical problems as they tend to have two or three units working at once and Colin’s always needed on all of them at the same time.

They were asked about their favourite characters from the show. Bradley told us to watch out for a character called George. He also said that he’d liked having Mackenzie Crook on the show as Cornelius Sigan and once again commented that he enjoyed having the knights around. I think it was Johnny Capps who then mentioned Morgause and how she was supposed to have been killed off early on, but they liked her and how she worked with Morgana too much to do it. Bradley then took the microphone back to add that he’d really liked Alvarr, played by Joseph Mawle. He said he thought he’d potentially posed one of the biggest threats to Camelot and asked if they could get him back on the show!

Someone asked Bradley how it had changed over time for him working with Anthony, given that he’d been a big Buffy fan. Unfortunately the guy running the panel completely mangled the question when repeating it so it didn’t precisely get answered as intended. Bradley said that he hadn’t known initially that Anthony was going to be on the show, but he got over being starstruck once he shook hands with him and realised he was just another actor doing the same job as him. He also said he’d learned a lot from working with both Anthony and Richard Wilson.

There was also a question about the fact that they’d had a plan for five years of the show so if by any chance they were to get a sixth year would they have anywhere to go. Johnny repeated what he’s always said about them having had an iconic image in mind for where the story would end and having an arc for the story to get there, but he did add that they had other ideas if it were to go on beyond that."

Other slight spoilers mentioned by Yavannauk
Bradley including Gary Lewis being on the show this year in his list of favourites. Also, Johnny Capps said something about Excalibur appearing in this series in an interesting way.

Tumblr posts made during this event:

I just asked Bradley James what Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle he’d be. He said Raphael. #DoingItRight #EmpireBigScreen
- Raggedyhipster via

Bradley talking about relationships on and offscreen with Anthony Head and Colin Morgan. Producer is now asked whether he’s seen Camelot!

- pitythebackseat via

Twitter posts made during this event (Highlight orange to see spoilers):
TheDailyEmma @alex92__ox The creator said they have a specific mythiological end point for s5 which they have always been working toward.
TheDailyEmma S4 of #Merlin is looking pretty awesome. Saw an amazing trailer & the Q&A was good. Intrigued by the specific end point they have for s5.
pitythebackseat Bradley talking about relationships on and offscreen with Anthony Head and Colin Morgan. Producer is now asked whether he's seen Camelot!

GeekSyndicate @CamelotCast sorry the clip was bascially morgana in a quarry using magic to subdue arthur's knights

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 Geek Syndicate 

 Kathryn Holland 
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