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Seems like it was a slightly disappointing day at questionably advertised Warwick Castle "event" August 6th 2011

Photo of Warwick Castle poster & crossed out by @CamelotCast

 Warwick Castle 

Though many fans did get to see, get photos of, get an autograph from and even talk to Colin Morgan, many more did not.  Apparently, there was no actual unveiling or signing "event" this day.  There was just a new wax figure of Merlin and the actor for Merlin, Colin Morgan, wandering around having professional photos taken where he was inaccessible.  Fans felt they were misled by the Warwick Castle advertisement and many were disappointed that they didn't get to see Colin Morgan, let alone "meet" him as was advertised.  It must have been frustrating for the actor as well, being constantly hounded by fans on this day that must have been scheduled for him as a simple visit to the castle to see the statue, and a photo shoot.  Since there was no set time scheduled for a signing and fans assumed there would be, they were left frantically looking for and chasing after Colin Morgan and any sign of a scheduled event that never came.  If I were Colin Morgan, I'd be pretty annoyed with Warwick Castle for misleading his fans in this way, causing them to shamelessly chase after him because they felt they didn't have a choice; they had scheduled their trips and paid a lot of money to travel there and get in.  To his credit, Colin Morgan does still appear as the happy friendly actor we know and love in all of the following pictures despite his trying day. 

Read more about this day from fans who were there: 
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Colin Morgan at Warwick Castle August 6th 2011.  
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Colin Morgan at Warwick Castle August 6th 2011
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Even more Colin Morgan images from Warwick Castle Aug. 6th 2011 on emrysdragonlord.tumblr

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