Saturday, August 20, 2011

Silly Merlin gifs recorded from Merlin episodes by Merlin fans!! some of my favorites:

The titles of these Silly Merlin gifs are my own, but the creators are sited below each image:

Yes! Merlin is Pissed!!!

"I am ... Dragoon! .. The Great!!"
by traumatize

Arthur: When we catch him, you’ll see him hang.
Goblin Gaius: 
Ah… I shall look forward to that.
.... is something wrong sire?

Arthur: The Gaius I know would never look forward to seeing Merlin hang
by fuckbees

Arthur m morning person

by -fractures

Jolly Merlin & Grateful Arthur

by -fractures

and my personal favorite
of course these are not the actual words from this scene, but...

by of-magic-and-myths

Here is my Tumblr site if you want to see more of the pictures and Gifs I have collected:

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