Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merlin Season 4 TV Guide and SFX Magazine articles - August

Scan by @cherryoak on twitpic of TV guide about Merlin Season 4 typed out to conceal spoilers: (highlight orange section to see spoilers):
The series picks up 1 year after Morgana's failed bid to rule Camelot and sees Arthur's evil half-sister make the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to regain power. Meanwhile, Merlin is in torment after making a grave error that causes huge upset for Arthur. Guests include Nathaniel Parker as Arthur's uncle, but is he a relative to be trusted?
Above pictures are SFX Magazine scans 
without words & captions (because of spoilers), 
to see the scan with words follow the link below. 

Follow link for high-res scans of SFX magazine August article about Merlin Season 4 (featuring the knights and an interview with Johnny Capps) with pictures & SPOILERS:

SFX: According to the SFX site, Colin's interview will be in the upcoming issue (Issue 213) that will be out on August 24, and Katie's interview will be in an issue when the series is broadcast.
-thanks to merlin-network for the info

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