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Santiago Cabrera makes #1 at the top of the list "60 Men We Love" on El Dínamo

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Unfortunately, our particular local handsome tribute to the ends. For two deliveries, Florence and Elisa Zulueta together to a jury to choose with care, to those Chileans who not only take us out sighs.Now is the turn of the last part, and as we said last seven days: "Come and enjoy."
60 men we love (Part III)
After  meetings with knowledgeable experts on the subject , and without unanimous votes  - and some well-fought, we make a good quality hybrid chilensis. É ste is applause in three chapters , and standing, to those who simply love.  But claiming the Chilean true. not only to trotting and making smoothies, and accounts for cover (although there are exceptions). It's a standing ovation as we can not explain exactly why we like it. And here we try, because they are not the ones in Sunga, but are what we imagine as well .And is not the census, and we could not ask them all, gathered a selection of the best games and wanted. A fortnight ago, were the first 20 , a week ago, the 40 to 21 , today is the turn of the top 20 ... of those 60 to those who want to congratulate ... just for being born. Total Thanks ... and until next time.

1. Santiago Cabrera (Sir Lancelot in Merlin)

The following translation by Merlin-Network:
To describe [how the #1 man was determined], we put on surgical gloves, disinfected the keyboard, we put the computer in a gold box, we went on a retreat to the mountains and we climbed on foot, we fasted, we blessed the Word document and repeat the following mantra, "Conchemimare** this hot/sexy boy." Your name, Santiago, appeared at the center. It was a unanimous vote, "Any of those present oppose this election?" No one. And we won't even go into the fact that you're successful in the entertainment industry, but we emphasize how quietly you go through that world. You have so many achievements (throw some of them our way if you like). As number one, you have all the outstanding features of the long descriptions of the other 59. You have lived in many places, have command of several languages ​​(hear), you play professional football and keep a body dressed with fit muscles. You have a mouth that, while watching "The life of fish," makes us want to run to the screen and bite it. Beautiful eyes, which you only have faithfully for your wife. You act well in any language. You are deeply handsome, gracefully kind, the type that goes down the street of the stars. And you're a Santiago. And we want to remake everything you've done, see all the seasons of Heroes all over again, and rewind the parts where the camera is on you, and go back a thousand times. And we want Bize to do "Life of the camels," and "The Life of Elephants," and "Life of the Condors", "Life of the Darwin Frog", and "The Life of Reptiles" (where we can pretend to crawl towards you).
**a slang swear word that is used by Chileans as a exclamation of cheer, among other various meanings

PD: Every time a white box on a form either, we fill in "city where you live" ... we blush, we look to the north and we run a tear.

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