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Merlin Season/Series 4: Revival of the Witch Details published today 20 August 2011 by - WARNING - SPOILER ALERT!!!

Merlin: Revival of the Witch Details

20 August 2011 by  WARNING - SPOILER ALERT!!!

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Series 4 of Merlin kicks off with a two-part story called Revival of the Witch. We have some story details, courtesy of What’s on TV Magazine.
The series picks up one year after Morgana’s failed bid to rule Camelot and sees Arthur’s evil half-sister make the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to regain power.
Meanwhile, Merlin is in torment after making a grave error that causes huge upset for Arthur. Guests include Nathaniel Parker as Arthur’s uncle, but is he a relative to be trusted?
Merlin returns in October on BBC1.

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