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Gwaine share secrets of Camelot

Gwaine share secrets of Camelot

2011-08-15   by Marieke Snyman  (original article in Afrikaans here: Nuus24)
(Photos: Nick Briggs and Niclas Heikkinen)
The following article has been translated from Afrikaans to English by Google:

Cape Town - While the actors from the BBCprogram Merlin progressing with the fourth season of the series of shots, the British public broadcaster has approval for a fifth season given.

It was not an unexpected announcement, said Eoin Macken, whose role Gwaine interpreted. And it's a challenge he gladly re-approach.

"It is aaklik. I hate it. No, I just make a joke. To be honest, it's really fun.

"We had good times. It's really about the people with whom you work and all that part of the Merlinteam is really the nicest and coolest people. "

Seeing that much fun on the set, it is only natural that there are often playing practical jokes.Rupert Young , who the role of Sir Leon, one of Arthur's knights reliable, interpret, is the next victim, explains Eoin.

"The guy who makes all the props, to a snake makes when we come back in France. We will then snake somewhere near Rupert plant when he was a scene to shoot because he was a great fear of the snakes.

"He would probably like one a girl scream. The plan is to make it on camera to capture and then used to embarrass him up. It would be nice if it works, "he says laughing.

Of course, says Eoin, is also sometimes a line or two on him pulled.

"You know, the thing with Gwaine, he is the kind of character that usually the center of a joke about his innocence, I thought. He is as calm about it. Well, in real life, is Tom (Hopper, who plays Percival) and Bradley (James, who plays Arthur) and the rest of the knights and said 'our little tricks going on Eoin play and then I always say' It is how in real life job, guys. Only in TV land. " 

In his interpretation of the Gwaine Eoin decided to accent a little change. He said he thinks an accent said many of a character and that he originally a Scottish one Gwaine phone.

"It was a funny idea sounded. I've been in Los Angeles and just flew to England to do a reading to do so I was really vlugvoos and lacks the accent well prepared. I thought I'd just been doing and that it would be very good, but the director of the first episode in which I played was Scottish. So I decided rather not do it. "

The fourth season will begin October in England show that the South African audience go for a while longer to be patient. Eoin was willing to tell a little about what can be expected.

"I think this season is much darker than the third season. The episodes are better together, it flows very late if you know what I mean. There will be major changes for Arthur and Merlin's characters.They become more mature, it is very interesting, but at the same time difficult. "

With the Arthur legend to work, was something that Eoin has always wanted to do. Then he had the opportunity to work with Merlin, he thought it would be very exciting because he can ride, a sword brandishing, maliekolder will bear "and will cool things to say."

"I still love it. And I say not as ... When I was a kid, I always wrote stories. I loved Dungeons and Dragons and stories with bows and arrows and swords and the stories of Arthur and Camelot and Cu Culain, the Irish legend. They were my favorites when I was a child.

"What is really interesting about the legends is that there are so many good stories about it. And I find it terribly fascinating. " 

How many episodes we can expect to see Gwaine?

I think I'm in every episode. Maybe there are one or two which I was not. You know, the Knights have now become part of Camelot. We are there when people need us. As the Ghostbusters ... If something goes wrong, who will you call?

Lancelot is one of the first characters found out that Merlin could cast spells. How do you think will Gwaine react when he finds out?

I think he will think it's really cool. He will probably ask a "Hey, you can change water into beer?" Because he would be cool. But then he bit angry and said "You can have all the time witch and then send me some wood for a fire going while you search only the fire magic to light?"

Bradley , Tom and Rupert is on Twitter. Will you some time a profile is opened?

I could not care less about it. No.

Really? Not even a little not?

No. I do not see the usefulness of it.

Okay. I know there is a story behind Rupert's Twitter page. He has nothing getweet and this makes his fans impatient.

The thing is, Rupert is not his own Twitter page opening. Tom Bradley and has done for him.Rupert has so far tried the whole thing to avoid. I think he said when he was a 1000 followers have, he will begin tweet and then he changed it to 2000 then. So I think he's busy going to change. I do not know what his latest excuse is.

It's funny because I think Rupert will probably the funniest "twitterer" be. He is a very funny guy.

You have modeling, directing, acting and photography done. Is there something specific that you would like to focus or you just grab the opportunities as it comes your way?

To be honest, I'm just mad about everything involved in making a story. I love acting and really enjoy to study too. It can become very exciting because you can express yourself in a different character. It can in many ways a solution for you.

But I'm so mad about to write. I was the projectionist in a movie called Charlie Casanova . We have just a few awards and the movie shows currently in several countries. I enjoyed it because it is a totally different way of working. I have not looked at from an actor's perspective, but rather from a technical standpoint. It's the same with regisseurswerk. Everything is the same, you just use a different medium. You can express yourself in many ways. 

Tell me something about your career that stands out?

This will be the first movie I made. It was at a party and showed my mom and dad went to see. That was before my father became ill and died. So it is definitely a lot to me and is pretty cool.

Best advice you ever received?

Angel (Coulby, who plays Gwen) told me I should remember my words. It was quite funny. When we first scene played together, I refused my words with her practice. She probably thought I knew none of my words, until we started shooting.

How does it feel to as the knight with the hair "to be considered?

I'm not sure what to say about it ...

Perhaps you could share your secret. What hair products do you use?

I use only its products. Maybe it's something in Irish waters. And bread. I eat lots of bread. And chocolate and coffee. Probably apples too. Yes, bread, chocolate and apples. That's the secret.

What can you expect in the future?

I do not have any fixed plans for the rest of the year. The thing is, you're never sure what you're doing until the day you start shooting it. I have a script started writing. I really want another movie director's behalf. Hopefully soon after Christmas.

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(see the original article translated to English by Google here: News24)

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