Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Merlin Season 4 SPOILER

Merlin Season 4 SPOILER:

We all know the old Love story of Tristan and Isolde, which was actually the love story Lancelot and Guinevere was based off of.  Apparently, in Merlin Season 4, directed by Alice Troughton (my favorite Merlin director), there will be a side episode/s focusing on the Tristan and Isoldle love story.  The actor playing Tristan mentioned "a couple of episodes" so who knows...

Isolde: played by Miranda Raison - see previous post for actress info

Tristan: Played by Ben Daniels

Tristan's Tweets:

bendanielsss @grid_spy we are indeed. Just a couple of episodes. [In response to: Are you and Miranda gonna be in the new series of #Merlin then?]
bendanielsss @ingrid_wien it's now barely visible stubble and yes Wales then France.[In response to: I wonder: is it your natural beard or do they glue hair to your face? and Wales? marvellous! hope you have fun sword fighting!]bendanielsss Had 2 hours with uber friendly cats then called early to Wales for Merlin. Now sword fighting with my partner in crime Miranda Raison.bendanielsss @ingrid_wien 2 eps and good swordy action funtimes. work off those chocs![In response to: what part did you get in #Merlin? recurring or one episode? please? pretty please?]bendanielsss @Hedgeypig facial hair - as much as can supply before start - and leather trousers and horse! [In response to: Do you get some shiny armour or a lovely wig? The smallish loves Merlin - I open an eye when Bradley takes his shirt off.]bendanielsss @bardic_lady Tristan-but friend or foe to Camelot alas I cannot reveal! #Merlin [In response to: Merlin the TV show? Who are you playing?!]bendanielsss sitting in a Greek taverna sipping chilled beer wiith my #Merlin scripts. Learning lines was never so lush!

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