Saturday, August 6, 2011

Favorite fanatic fan quotes about #ColinMorgan #Merlin found recently:

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“Basically, he should be illegal. And/or come with a warning.”

Colin Morgan's cheekbones look like they could cut diamonds.”
            @ebonyeleanor  twitter

“Everything about Colin Morgan makes me weep.”

<Following Colin Morgan at Warwick Castle> 
“I’m actually falling in love with the back of his head.”

“Naught matters but Merlin, and you have awoken me from my slumber!
I shall be returning to the underneath of my bedclothes for the rest of the day,
With occasional visits outside for food, loo and Tumblr,
Be torn from a dream in which I will meet my true love,
AKA That Merlin guy.”

My iPhone background has been me and Colin Morgan since the day we met. THIS IS THE LONGEST RELATIONSHIP I'VE EVER BEEN IN.”
            By @gretapunch  twitter

“For the love of god, MARRY ME.”
“my feet once touched the floor where Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath stood. is it sad that I find that completely awesome”         @mj282  twitter

“Merlin, a young good-looking country boy, arrives in the bustling, colorful city of Camelot.”   description of Merlin Season 1 episode 1

“I am sexually attracted to the boots Colin Morgan wears in Merlin.”

“More importantly, Colin Morgan is beautiful. You meet him in real life and think, yeah, nice, sweet. But he’s one of those lucky bastards that the camera absolutely loves. All cheekbones and black hair and mmm! He’s a seriously excellent actor, too. Every line, he makes a really interesting choice.”   Dr. Who producer Russel T. Davies, (p. 315) The Writer’s Tale.

"Fictional characters I believe may be my soulmates. -Merlin"  8/10/11

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